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The SPOT works with the community, organizations, and businesses to provide resources.  We collaborate to assist the youth with housing, food, personal care items, and recreational needs. 


Project Warm

The SPOT provides hats, gloves, and socks to the youth during our winter months.  We work with local senior groups to create some of the items and local businesses and organizations to distribute them in the community.

Social Media Post

The SPOT  post information for  employment, recreation, and community resources on our social media platforms. Click links for information.

2010 Job Fair 3.bmp


The SPOT  conducts empowering seminars and workshop that encourages and support youth development, community engagement, and advocacy. 

These workshops and seminars supply our youth participants with educational and employment, opportunities, advocacy education and training, and information about voting and voting rights.

The workshops and seminars provide the youth participants with an opportunity to network with community organizations, employers, and  community leaders.


Youth Job & Career Fair

The SPOT  organizes and conduct youth job and career fairs. This gives the youth the opportunity to gain experience communicating with employers and educational institutions while learning valuable social skills and making connections which could one day lead them toward their dream career.

Hire Our Youth

The SPOT  collaborate with local organizations and businesses to provide summer jobs to the youth. This provide many with their first work experience and teaches them responsibility, time management, team work, problem solving, and communication

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